Wednesday, September 29

Work is job. Bankjob is bankwork.

while i was activating my life..chocolate was on her way out talking and mumbling whatever that i don't even understand.and then there's this motorcycle came and stop by.and then there's silence.chocolate came back in to the house and saying about a girl being kidnapped and being rape around this old piece of shit.while she's waiting for maria to come and pick her for myself, I'm flying with the dust that starting to befriend with the spiders.after few tictoks chocolate and maria went out.there are BIG spiders.and it had nothing to do with anything.

Tuesday, September 28

when the night felt so short yet so long.

it's around 1 a.m something, when i was see the shine of the ceiling that is so bright.having thought that he's still by my side.but still, he's so close so near but so far apart. watching yuka trying her best to finish up her design.the tense from her is so strong.strong like sheildtox man, man!! i was by her side just to accompany her and make her feel little bit better.the leads breaking the rubbers shows how hard she's trying.even she said "sepertinya kemahuan menikamkan orang..hak3".you can tell how hard she's trying.all those magazine were flipping back and fort and then...SILENCE!

all of sudden,i miss my home, cabin.i miss my bright little sparks.dor dor dor dor dor, such a thing.i miss every moment to be with dor.when we talked, we laughed, we mourned, we eat, we sing, we dance.yeah! we do dance! haha!i thought he'd leave me when i had the bad dream last night.i was thankful that he's still there still here by my side.those flash,giving me those some amazing and the worst flashback i've ever seen and been's like marley & me. "the worst dog in the world is the greatest among all".i just can't wait to give dor apart of my junk just to make him feel like the white and green light inside the cabin that's been sprinkling at night days. it is fun to see these two light dancing together.dor's been thinking to come over to this hell and get on the flight to see ellis.but then ellis was thinking to go and see him,nor there is still no discussion or conclusion. for a moment, dor was sick and he thinks his head's going to blow up.we're in a tight situation but yet still alive and making through every fucking holeshit days. and in seconds, i am weak....i am blank. thank you and GODAIMAYT!

mind,thoughts: doris dor :)