Sunday, September 11

please.sleep me.

tell me something.don't i deserve much more worst then before? or i just don't know how? a fourth-night that had me going smiling but now...i just want to sleep.please.

Saturday, September 10

feel me.

most of everything we admire will always be as sweet as it gets older it'll become much bitter.a bitter sweet symphony that is.

i believe there's always a reason for every step every movement every occasion every chapter in our movie.and i believe there is nothing wrong to be wrong in's a learning process and an amazing adventure.sounds hypocrite? pretty much yes but i don't think so.i learn more as i do more mistakes.i learn how to handle.i learn how to solve and i've been into some shits and i crawl back is hard though but i know i low and as slow i will be back up again.

i see you,the inner you.and i hope you are true in every god.i thank the god for you to magically appeared into my life.we have skipped a big chapter and that's a risk we have to capture.we got a long way to a great vacation.there will be no more this of you and me if it is over,in a long time.i have no time to have come and i hope it'll last forever.maybe hoping is just like a daydream but i know if we struggle for it,we can achieve our own history.feel my beats.i love you.

Thursday, September 1

don't focus yourself to get what you don't need.

there's a moment when i feel like i was who i am before.something wonderful.something amazing.something awesome.

dear boyfriend,
i wish you are my boyfriend.

Wednesday, August 24

oh boy

oh boy, oh boy oh boy!
you make my heart skips a beat.
i like.hahahahahaha!

Monday, August 22

i got you baby.

i'm just a kid and life is a nightmare.