Saturday, September 10

feel me.

most of everything we admire will always be as sweet as it gets older it'll become much bitter.a bitter sweet symphony that is.

i believe there's always a reason for every step every movement every occasion every chapter in our movie.and i believe there is nothing wrong to be wrong in's a learning process and an amazing adventure.sounds hypocrite? pretty much yes but i don't think so.i learn more as i do more mistakes.i learn how to handle.i learn how to solve and i've been into some shits and i crawl back is hard though but i know i low and as slow i will be back up again.

i see you,the inner you.and i hope you are true in every god.i thank the god for you to magically appeared into my life.we have skipped a big chapter and that's a risk we have to capture.we got a long way to a great vacation.there will be no more this of you and me if it is over,in a long time.i have no time to have come and i hope it'll last forever.maybe hoping is just like a daydream but i know if we struggle for it,we can achieve our own history.feel my beats.i love you.

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