Tuesday, November 30

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Vampire vamp fire vampire vamp fire vampire vamp fire Vampire vamp fire vampire vamp fire vampire vamp fire Vampire vamp fire vampire vamp fire vampire vamp fire Vampire vamp fire vampire vamp fire vampire vamp fire Vampire vamp fire vampire vamp fire vampire vamp fire Vampire vamp fire vampire vamp fire vampire vamp fire Vampire vamp fire vampire vamp fire vampire vamp fire Vampire vamp fire vampire vamp fire vampire vamp fire Vampire vamp fire vampire vamp fire vampire vamp fire and I miss you again today.awoooooowoooo!

Sunday, November 28

end of chapter for new december

now the song had come to and end.it'll only for minutes of time to enjoy.and enjoy!

you are now fast asleep as you are finding ways of new way for you.my time is near.i am going for a run. a run for a life.i will leave you with love.i am running now.u can chase if you want,like it was then.you can come and hunt me down any hour of your time.i will die someday.

this game has no ending towards forward nor back.be careful where you are.i might some day come home.and come home to you.look how they shine.i hate the shine they have and they trying to give.i will go now.

mail me at :elldorvamp@yahoo.com
or how ever ways to find if you want to talk.

Draft for 2weeks.

cut the edge for yet to make it faster for the time

i know i'll end up losing. i have to fail to be right. at the end i am the one who failed on most of everything. i put up high and i'll run run run run run run run run run away.

This one's giving up on you.I don't miss giving up on you.
And there's no more time.Forgive me one more time.
Cause I do want you away.Just bury me I'm away.
Whisper warning away.Just bury me I'm away.

I can't remind you all the time bring it back.
Bring it back to where we were before.
I can't remind you all the time,no no.
Bring it back bring it back.

The day is gone the sky is blue.
I know you're all alone and the sky is blue.
Come back to me the sky is blue the sky is blue.

And we should spend some time apart for both our sakes.

the court never took me,leftovers.

from a sleepless night to come over and die by your side.it was amazing!

i was in pain.pain from the sleepless day.it fogged over.i may shouldn't have come.i think i surely shouldn't did.and yes that's just lies.i hope my pain and death did cure you somewhere inside there.even now we can't feel any of those anymore.i am death from your arms.

we were in silence of ignorance.

i did nothing.i was scared.i am.and i always do.i have massive adrenaline rush when something comes up.something.something.anything.anything from you.i may not say this to you.but know you knew.sometimes.it's a choice only you can decide.i am sorry for being terrible.i am sorry for being mistake.i am sorry for being a prisoner.went by to see you.it sparks.yet still silence took hold.the medicine make me left out.i went away and died.to wake and being wrap around you.i fell in to you.cherished like a vanilla ice cream filled with chocolate syrup.

i rest my case and i hold up my hands in the air.

Wednesday, November 24

absorption of the active comfort

8.30:bzzz bzzz bzzz. "oish this mthrfckr been waking me with this halo light striking"
tenneenngggg..."bawak overnight pad".okay.

woi mr.ranger why are you calling mr.ranger? diamond eyelash? shrinngggg.take a chair have a seat man.smoke some smoke smoke smoke.yeahh..we lesboboboboboonngggonkkkk!yesterday is dim day.sound of keting ketak and come break me down.mr.ranger calling again.we are falling for mr. ranger.maybe? "woi lu ni buat aku tersuka pulak kt mr.ranger"
and soon the sun will come and they will come along. robbing again every single moment that is wasted to anything that again comes to nothing.it was a chaos madness day with palettes of water coming.

meow meow.
meow meow..
meow meow?!

make this as a profile picture "like"

oblivion, a word for once everyone could relate too. oblivion. a state of being forgotten, a state on one wished never to reach. a state you are capable to change your fate, fate that is what brought you there at the first place. might be a lost love, might be a lost soul, might be a lost friend. don't you just hate fate. don't you just hate how fate works. be at the wrong place at the wrong time. where is mr. rager when you needed him? take me to heaven. im tired of hell and all the beings in it.

Tuesday, November 23

I need it to fly with it.

The stars are burning,I hear your voice in my mind.can't you hear me calling? My heart is yearning,like the ocean that's running dry.
Catch me i'm falling

Lay off
Don’t stray
Well, my kind's,your kind
I’ll stay the same
Pack up
Don’t stray
Oh say, say, say
Oh say, say, say

Wait! They don’t love you like I love you
wait! They don’t love you like I love you

Monday, November 22

come closer come on come closer

vibrations. buzz buzz buzzz ekkokkkeeekkookkk!

shadows comes along when yesterday is a fair day.this movers, are they predictable? maybe.

oish! the angry tummy.fighting for each other.finding their ways to overcome the madness inside of this roadways,lightways,railways,subway form big to small.and it is still fighting for each other.they are fighting for freedom of this holy madness that is so small that they might have to dig 'em a little bit bigger.

1st hour:3.51
final hour:3.54

a fast way for them to be free.you are now free in a small amount my dear!

they trained you well. congratulation, ho ho!

Age doesn't always get on anyones way.
(Kawen muda ke kawen tua ke kawen lambat ke kawen cepat ke semua cakap 'umur bukan lah penghalang cinta') it is true when it's done right but right doesn't mean anything and anything comes to a point of nothing.

What a waste of humanon that keeps on bragging on what they had nothing to accomplish. Does doing the same 'job' gets you everything you want? You can be rich as you want. And oh yes, you are RICH with words too! In fact, you are just a bull trying to get into another group of bulls.

Hey,don't bother much. I am much more wasted then you are or whatever you have thoughts in mind,that's what I am. And then, come to me.say it straight into my face. Come on, you are strong, u are brave, you are rich and powerful aren't you? Come on, ho!

Kalau kau tak faham bahasa inggeris,kau boleh bukak kamus. Kau kan rajin menyelidik macam-macam.

When my letters are related to anyone, I am sorry yet I am not related to anything or anyone. Put all the blame on me.

Friday, November 19

this is the building of romp panties


boy in a head beg.hai!

inhale exhale dupdapdupdap

pounding veins of brains when it is almost a blackout.froze.

starting of getting a huge paranoia? or was it an adrenaline rush? butterflies in the stomach? migraines? confusion? end up hopeless.

this venom inside of A.it hunts down for almost 3 days.the snorting and blowing, suffocates mostly at dim when everything starting to get cold.A was half alive half dying.A had wasted her palettes on G.it comes to cares from G to A.this two fellow,met most of the times.when time doesn't reveal them anything.A was nothing.only thing it have,this tiny feeling that it felt but make a huge thing when it comes to G.sickness,boredom,hunger,losing,failing..whatever! at a moment for every moment G always care for A.doubt envy comes to A.it's second thought was "i think that's just simply stupid",A.G always know how to handle most of the moment.when A was in silence, it's a daydream of outer universe to hold G.A was fly high to find G in wherever it flew.they are nothing.G, the-powerless-god.A,the red-fingered-girl.

what i see, they are in love.well, love is a feeling.it is something strong that most of us might not know how is the exact way to elaborate this nasty word.they are both to scared to lose.to scared to love.when feelings never get a chance to come to them.they run.when their ignorance is a bliss to all the humanon.and thennn.................kosong.godaymit!

Wednesday, November 17

this is ABC


the wreck body,brain and bones.this is a court!

it was cold.winter cold.

few days went by.i went to the shop and buy.i kick i flick i dance alone.the humonon is getting a hold to explode like fire cracker.it is a cracker.a long-term cracker.it make loud noise.i hunt a lot of treasures.fakyew!

i evaporate.i am sinking into the cotton square.it was numb.as numb as your ass that has been sitting on your "shit" all day long.even could barely hear anything.inside it is so hot.outside it is so cold.oish, how can i mixed it up? and then comes the clear liquid from this holy hole of noisoy.i comes flowing slowly.ahhh the chill.SNORTT!

as a low water palettes coming today, all humans having the riot.as for a bitch that's been lost in sick doom, she lay on her back.the halo strikes like a lightning torch.even having the strength to grab a lock of it's black toy.a ring and hang.earlier of"i'm so sick" the prisoner."take care of yourself,really" the god of powerless g.

i see the prisoner went to a stage where he/she was slightly got up and got down in a moment. at times,she/he blackout in few minutes and blackout again."i just want to see him.is he okay out there?" the prisoner. "if you want to go,just go.stop asking me so much questions.just do it you fool!"brainless mind.

kerekkekekeke!!ekkk!! four eyes staring.a wave, and a BIG SMILE! "oh honey!" the prisoners heart.i sent him/her away so i could make him/her day a better day for him/her to get hold on to."i love you" the god of powerless g.i win the case for the prisoner for today.and put a hope to win again.not to high not to low.just get on when it gets on.

some solub and white beads, i drug into my brain.to try to get some sleep again. and i was blackout.for a buzz,i started to lose a lot of gas through my eating machine. and i was numb.i am dumb numb.

a goodey kissey and a goodey huggey.my universe is growing.kebush!

Sunday, November 14

even boys have pms like girls do.

breaking the liquid.it frozen and when it breaks it melts.chuall's are just like them.when breaking apart.talks alot.attention seeker.wolggggg.i'm mad in chaos of my mind.the fact i want to run.and again to ignore.pinpin pinpin pinpinpin.prpprprprprprrpp.fakyew.

thank you human of monsters for coming to this party.i won't be seeing you soon.

this is sunday.this is chaos day.

this coldplay.it makes me cold play.i'm SHIVERing while LOVERS IN JAPAN are having their tums and beers.I CAN'T TAKE IT.when i am THE SCIENTIST of i am. when everyone says YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE.-.-"i got goose bum all of sudden.

"honey,i want to watch a movie with you"
"i miss eating ice cream with you,my dear"
"love,i think i need to take my bath"
"where u sweetheart?"
"help me save myself"
"take me anywhere you go hun"
"don't leave"
"i'll let you run if you bring me along"
"i feel stupid with this prison"
"i wanted to but i don't know how"
"it doesn't matter whatever when you here"
"oh baby! oh yeah! ahhh ahhh ahhh!!"
"i dream about you"
"i always have yours wrap around me every night"
"i know this is so what ever,but i hope you'll understand"
"i miss you"
"i really really miss you"
"i love you honey"

what i need to do to let me see myself in a better mood? this voice inside my head.why won't you go out there and dance infront? stop suffering me.i know i am weak.you are strong that you can take control of what i want to think of.you bulls.you just did.omaigosh.why are you fighting? i don't understand.this is madness.boys in blues.

and when the spotted light and light twitch. i have a very angry hungry stomach.

entre password:invalid wrong characters

what i see most of my time.when it's by me i got lost in the wonderland and become speechless as i could.aaahhhhhhhhh! what i know how much he hates,he still loves.in misery of depression and destruction of dislike or rainbow of clouds.we have no feelings.that's a lie.look at us.kamon human of monsters.come look at us.

Saturday, November 13

pulling the multimillion strings out.kruk.kruk.kruk.

half time.crunch in crunch out.right to left.down and up. like PE, count to 8.and why must 8? "ada ong ma!" yeah man, luck. let see how it ends."everybody,go to the changing room and change!" and we all go piss around town.and one of them black out."we have to give a CPR" and everyone wants to kiss.oish, what is this? i see black.all black and a white screen.tin tin tin tin tin tin pftttttt. weeewookkkwowowkkweekkk.head turns to the right and shut.ting!

Friday, November 12

folding some cotton on that makes you warm and absorb water palettes.

i got blur out.i can still fell those circle color that's been up touching the walls and me.

"bangun,tolong pasang mesin".i got tired.i got instant shot."tolong amek wallet dalam kereta".where that fcuking little red thing i always miss-placed it at this home of all prison.i continue this sick...kroohh..krohh.kroohh...until i fell theres this clear liquid comes flowing through my side face."oh shit,it comes again.ahhh,im too tired".so, this bitch got up and "pasang mesin" so that her clothes are all cleaned up by that machine.

so it went by inside the room.what a mess.i leave it clean and you made a mess.can't you tell that i'm tired? i got stupid enough to do anything else but this? you as for yourself,you are different.u keep on doing the same thing everyday.going to the same place everyday.what was it again? "it's a job,and i got a great job".yeah you can brag all you want.i don't really care much.

and..."take me by the hand.."tegan and sara comes to me.HAHAHA!you are awesome.just like this sweetheart.oish,i really miss that sound.i waves out "sweetheart,sweetheart..tolong i?" i can't really tell much to anyone or even to dor.it's just so strong that i got my tongue circling in my mouth.it's not that i got tangled up in boredom it's just i like being in that space.that mass square fill with white or maybe grey clouds.some fisher.some fire.some ice.some some some.

a song can really make a feelings.ohfakthat.but i guess it comes along to everyone tho.people dedicate,sing-a-long,copy paste and whatever they do.what i hear,is what i wanted to say.i got scared to know a fact that he is going to be gone.as time always killed us away that achievement of his is getting just around the corner."honey, i scared".remembering of his head on my digesting system and says "dah brapa bulan ni?".all i can do is laugh.it's a funny story that a HOMO SEPHIAN had done for me.thank you animal!

oh by the way,our sons is brandson.you may call him brandy.mari mabuk!

i can't take you anywhere,i could take you anywhere.ohbaby take me anywhere you go.i got lost in this prison.a child story book tells about jesus? is that possible? it apparently did because it had already been published you home!i love my undies.i lve my shit.i like you.i love you.it's all sounded too..tooo....way toooooooooo normal.but there's no words i could find to tell him.and as a scientist i am still searching for good one and let it out.

"omaigut,i want to piss" minds talking.what else to do but ignore.i lazy.i tired.i very very the malas one ya know dwag!

in this other day,i couldn't find him at sight.i think i should go and take a visit like i always did.try to accept this from me,i'm sorry.i tend to do shits because i don't know nothing.and when shits happened my brain are numb enough to move my body.HIT ME!

this is all no ones fault,it is mine.

i get down whit your rough words.
i got up when you come here.

It spins a round and round and fill this air with colored spots.omaigoate!

when it gets darker."yala,aku rindu kat kau la,gila!" what my heart sounds like.i think that is what i really wanted to say.

minding my own,uptight,cursing.got some juice and strings.can't put much tho i felt like throwing up.even i don't ever thorwn since 1998.i was sick back then and porridge comes in and get out a.s.a.p.pheyewwww.got the black and i called but no answers.again.

when it comes, i spark as big as it could get.these what i feel,it's sick.it numbs me up.i'm too weak too small not so strong as before.come fly to me my chain.u have my chain.i don't want my chain.i want you.yes,only you that keeps me talking to myself.

we ate,we stoned,we crack,we drink alot,we fak each other and yet we are still together.and it goes,it's like a come on come on to me.take me by the hand and tell me you would take me anywhere.

movie:p/s i love you,abcdorisdorlmnopqrstuvwxyz.

Thursday, November 11

Toys for boys.

Boy love to play with toys. Some boys play with toy cars and vans. They may have garages to put then in. Then there will be toy aeroplanes and ships of all kinds, with which they can play all posts of hands. But perhaps boys like toy soldiers best.
The toy soldiers might be guarding a fort. There will be sentries all around it ; one sentry will be at the top of the tower, where he can see the enemy a long way off. Toys for boys.

It got caught up with the candle.

Something must have been crawling up my brain. It keeps me awake every hour.
By now i am awake and it still crawls. I turn right,i smells the messenger of death.i turn left,i got stab by the halo.i turn down,i cramp up my nose.i turn up,i got it all! Fak.
At a tik,the sounds of the paws outside the window really take an interest. Still, i am frozen,still. Yawwwnnn!
Inside moments,i really want to run from it. All i can do,think,thoughts,remember,wanted or anything that relates was my dor.my master piece of art. And the alarm went buzz buzz buzz at 8:30a.m. Friday the 12th.

This isn't Air Batu Campur.


Back then,we don't really think about anything like now days.

The colour of the mobile.pintch some red,green,blue,yellow and love.on the other hand.the spider toy.they are both black.They live in black they sleep in black they charge in black they eat in black.ini bukan black penyanyi.tp black ini pun pandai berirama.only this is the thing that we don't want to rely on but we apparently did.Take the black butterfly and stab.Oh baby!