Friday, December 10

for the crops of the living

I did my best to notice.When the call came down the line.Up to the platform of surrender.I was brought but I was kind.And sometimes I get nervous.When I see an open door.Close your eyes.Clear your heart.Cut the cord.

Are we human? Or are we dancer? My sign is vital.My hands are cold.And I'm on my knees.Looking for the answer.Are we human? Or are we dancer?

Pay my respects to grace and virtue.Send my condolences to good.Give my regards to soul and romance.They always did the best they could.And so long to devotion.You taught me everything I know.Wave goodbye.Wish me well.You've gotta let me go.

Are we human? Or are we dancer? My sign is vital.My hands are cold.And I'm on my knees.Looking for the answer.Are we human? Or are we dancer?

Will your system be alright.When you dream of home tonight? There is no message we're receiving.Let me know is your heart still beating.

Are we human?
Or are we dancer?
My sign is vital.
My hands are cold.
And I'm on my knees.
Looking for the answer.
You've gotta let me know.
Are we human?
Or are we dancer?
My sign is vital.
My hands are cold.
And I'm on my knees.
Looking for the answer.
Are we human?
Or are we dancer?
Are we human?
Or are we dancer?
Are we human
Or are we dancer?

the king is conquering the bowl

i had nothing to do with him or her or anyone.

i wish they wouldn't asked me the same questions. but wishing is just another option to be distracted.

i know i've been so dumb.i'm numb dumb to think off anything for in this dark page i wrote what has been rejected and never came through rosewood.poor thing.i couldn't do anything.only rosewood can calm me,i guess.

i never know and will never knew what will or what had happened in the past or the future.i don't want to and i don't want to dream.those dreams bringing me some bad and good visual and physical effect through my come and go come and go come and go.i can't control any of it.they won't let me take any babies anymore.oh my sweet babies.i am so sorry.things are wasted all over the's filling in slightly in small brings some good and disturbing sight-seeing.and yet, rosewood never let me take them down.she said "it's just some colors you've created for your own sake, why throw it all away?".ok dude, you're right.i'm just going to keep filling the walls with those wasted things that have been in this red-nailed bleed-tips.they can make me smile for a moment.

something someone somewhere somehow,i don't smile like i used to. but well... :)

Tuesday, December 7

without electricity they died in stones

it all started while rosewood is having her beer.

those huge monster keep coming to her ear. she couldn't bare to hide thus the sound of the monster still coming.until the moon day, rosewood and zet having a great conversation about those bulls.they are sharing too much link too much important things.rosewood can't take those important things for her.she just can't, for now.for some, rosewood just pretend it was all okay.

i know rosewood never know how to solve her problems.she is, selfish.but i know her reaction of being a rosewood is not what she wanted.well, we all don't.rosewood is losing her abilities of human-ing things.she will never be stronger.her bones are cracked all over.her fingertips is red,and i don't even know how did it happened.rosewood is in pain.she keeps bleeding.dehydrated.swollen.puke in her bed.

i must save rosewood! she's just so RED!

the view is the picturre

silent in ignorance of distinct syndicate destruction of the function.

silent is a girl's loudest cry.
ignorance is a bliss.
distinct syndicate of anonymous stalkers.
a destruction of the function of ellis.
she loose the game again,tonight.

Monday, December 6

take a cab and go

i have something struck into my flesh of everything.

i know i know i know okay okay okay okay yeah yeah were worth for something and anything and everything.

you are none.but why worth wasting to care? thank you, anyways.oh pretty ghost, go hunt someone else.i don't need you to hunt me anymore. i have failed to give you what you need.only to feed you with food. and it end up going into a bowl of hell.

the bowl will flush away those unnecessary things needed.

Saturday, December 4

eye erection buds

i miss you so much, really. but i'm moving on. though i still wait...count one count two count three count four.this isn't a normal alphabetical order.

thank you, fog!

Friday, December 3

the prison of a rock

my eyes are much more swollen then before.i don't really have to put on my eyeliner.

the angry hungry tummy really wants to eat.the fact it can't really accept anything for it in the morning now? i see clear lights all over.or this drug abuse has taken over? i am i am i am i am burning my balls.sniff sniff this sniffing makes me fly, man.

the picture stored keeps on bursting out from the locker.i might need to find a new key.just in case,i need those pictures back at the back of the back.elbow breath whistle in the darkest hour of the day.i am still pulling the millions's kind of a habit, though.i just want to take those needles just want my nap and dreams back.

what i know is something and what i know is nothing

Wednesday, December 1

this is mentos marble

Again,I put my hands up.

I hurt myself I wound myself. I will run. I will wait for my time and run. I just need a big run. The biggest. am I too tired to faced all hitch. I am walking soon I'll be running. I'll run on my own river. The river is getting deep. I will sink in my own water. I eye aye aye aye aye yayayaayayay.

Take care.