Wednesday, August 24

oh boy

oh boy, oh boy oh boy!
you make my heart skips a beat.
i like.hahahahahaha!

Monday, August 22

i got you baby.

i'm just a kid and life is a nightmare.

Friday, August 19


a lazy day.this is something that i know everyone have.have some meals my vampire,i got blood all over.period.

everybody is different in their own ways.and i am still trying to figure out what's in their mind.fact of my life, people in public tend to stare at me and i don't even know why. is there's something up my nose? you can see through my clothes? or simply, maybe i'm invisible and they are just looking something behind me?
needles and pains somewhere on my head, my back, my brain my tummy, my chest, eventually most parts of my body.would it be nice to have someone to care and comfort.well, probably.
being pampered and cuddling all over.take my clothes of and make your day!
you are not there sometimes but i know i'll be finding you around and put a smile on your have this horrific invisible powers that makes me wanting you or me to be wrapping up each other.burrpppp...i need to shit.

stupidity, use you brain.

the smile of my heart is not for you. the smile on my face is for everyone.

grandchild of a grandmother.

Tuesday, August 16

the fan sounded like a cricket but the mosquito that drink your blood.

you may think i am dissappearing.i don't even know if i am or maybe i'm just alone in the cottage.i am not sure.many things have made me confuse and hard to think.i don't know much but if i'm capable enough i'll try to find the answer.

they,, the biggest stage ever.
everybody got their own dark side.i might seen as something that goes around and changing minds in mil-seconds.i feel the lack of thing called love.i know i have spoken the word few times back then but it turns out, the strings are always cut off.the person who give birth to me is going crazy.sometimes i tried to think is a PMS situation but most of the time i just hear and not understanding anything.

robotic movement that i have left.i see the management is suck.whatever.
now, most of my time filled with words on papers.i started to do something to make me focus on something.the fact of reading, sometimes i only see the alphabate and keep on repeating it for most 3 days.the voice that humming shaking my head really hard.something more wonderful will be of this dark page to some slightly better ones.and it is a hand-writing mode not a typing mode.

diarrhea kills, don't have late peanut-butter-egg-toast.

Tuesday, August 2

the wrong assumption of a right thinking.

today i feels like it was before.i need to put this ink needle and really trying to release something.

this is common, i understand everyone or people have problems but i don't understand why they want to expose it to something or someone else.i have to hold on hurting inside.i don't see what i've said wrong.i'm just saying what i feel, what i wanted to say what's inside,but i know people all around accepting it the other way around.i'm hurt.i am wrong in anything.

now,the moment comes to an empty box.i was drunk last night.what happened mostly i remember to search for him somewhere up or down in the dark.i will and i did found him nearby.not too far not to's kind of "perfect'.i remember i've seen new people again.knowing another person.this might be wrong.i don't hate only i'll be wearing that paper bag.a fact knowing a person will be known to another and it'll chained up and's not i don't like it but i don't, i just don't.
f*ck everything that i've said.don't trust me.the truth is only'll never understand and you'll say this is shit. FLUSH IT AWAYYYYYY.....!!

alien monster come like a wind,
chasing around and around like a scene,
you have come and go like the rain,
i will always be here waiting again and again.

vertebral displace mind

yesterday i practice something that has been few years back then.
i feel fucked up.

when it was about time, it always and always run away.finding it's hard but i still's not suppose to be perfect in are all as well not perfect like me.i don't know what i don't know why.i'm being distract by this pain.i'm in pain.ohmaigrass.

it hard now to get back to the dreamland.i miss being there being hard and easy at the same, you and you are realities that trying to consume that you are all perfect in everything.i don't know what i'm saying. i'm hungry.

this stiffness behind me kills me so slowly.i don't know any position that it must be in.for a record, 3 weeks been.this post wasn't what i want to but this what she wanted to.i need a god or a doctor? god? doctor? godtor?