Tuesday, August 2

the wrong assumption of a right thinking.

today i feels like it was before.i need to put this ink needle and really trying to release something.

this is common, i understand everyone or people have problems but i don't understand why they want to expose it to something or someone else.i have to hold on hurting inside.i don't see what i've said wrong.i'm just saying what i feel, what i wanted to say what's inside,but i know people all around accepting it the other way around.i'm hurt.i am wrong in anything.

now,the moment comes to an empty box.i was drunk last night.what happened mostly i remember to search for him somewhere up or down in the dark.i will and i did found him nearby.not too far not to near.it's kind of "perfect'.i remember i've seen new people again.knowing another person.this might be wrong.i don't hate only i'll be wearing that paper bag.a fact knowing a person will be known to another and it'll chained up and related.it's not i don't like it but i don't, i just don't.
f*ck everything that i've said.don't trust me.the truth is only you.you'll never understand and you'll say this is shit. FLUSH IT AWAYYYYYY.....!!

alien monster come like a wind,
chasing around and around like a scene,
you have come and go like the rain,
i will always be here waiting again and again.

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