Friday, August 19


a lazy day.this is something that i know everyone have.have some meals my vampire,i got blood all over.period.

everybody is different in their own ways.and i am still trying to figure out what's in their mind.fact of my life, people in public tend to stare at me and i don't even know why. is there's something up my nose? you can see through my clothes? or simply, maybe i'm invisible and they are just looking something behind me?
needles and pains somewhere on my head, my back, my brain my tummy, my chest, eventually most parts of my body.would it be nice to have someone to care and comfort.well, probably.
being pampered and cuddling all over.take my clothes of and make your day!
you are not there sometimes but i know i'll be finding you around and put a smile on your have this horrific invisible powers that makes me wanting you or me to be wrapping up each other.burrpppp...i need to shit.

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