Tuesday, August 2

vertebral displace mind

yesterday i practice something that has been few years back then.
i feel fucked up.

when it was about time, it always and always run away.finding it's hard but i still try.it's not suppose to be perfect in anyway.you are all as well not perfect like me.i don't know what i don't know why.i'm being distract by this pain.i'm in pain.ohmaigrass.

it hard now to get back to the dreamland.i miss being there being hard and easy at the same time.now, you and you are realities that trying to consume that you are all perfect in everything.i don't know what i'm saying. i'm hungry.

this stiffness behind me kills me so slowly.i don't know any position that it must be in.for a record, 3 weeks been.this post wasn't what i want to but this what she wanted to.i need a god or a doctor? god? doctor? godtor?

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